FI CH Busterin Tyra, "Tyyne" s. 9.5.2017 complete dentition; MC N/N, MAC N/N, PRA(B) N/N SCD N/N, CMT N/N, PMDS PMDS/N; HD A/A, ELBOWS 0/0, SP0, VA0, LTV3; patella 0/0; heart auscultation OK 5.9.2019; eyes OK 1.10.2020; bile acids OK, Mentality Test (Korung) LT +250 +++ 

Silium Dolar (JUN CAC, Spain, LT+210+++) - Busterin Sveasofia "Rauha" (2 x CAC, LT+189+++). Pedigree in the Finnish Database

Owners Busterin / Anu Valve & Katja Pethman



Tyyne 2 years, groomed by Ghita Ahlbom.

Handler Eija Nurmela

                Photo John Nieminen






Tyyne on iloinen, reipas koira, oikea onnellistuttaja!

Tyyne is a happy, brave dog who brings you joy!


Tyyne's Mentality Test was extraordinary:

Partial performanceResultPoints
1+2Capability to functionGood30
2+3SharpnessModerate without post-attack aggression3
3+3Desire for defence actionModerate, controlled3
4+3Desire to fightHigh30
5+2Nerve structureBalanced70
7+3HardnessModerately hard24
8+3AccessibilityAccessible, kind, open45
9+++GunshotsSafe to gunshot (no reaction) 















Groomer & handler Sophie Ekström, photo Ylva Jansson